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This is what we preach and believe in.

Why? Because those other stock guys are scammers, trying to pump and dump a stock and make you think your winning, when they are just passing you the buck.   Don't believe me?

How's buy and hold working out for?

How many subscribed email newsletters have you signup up for and gotten crap? 

How many penny stocks, you've been pitched and left holding the bag?

We bought this website not to give you a bucket of tips, but to give you a SINGLE tip, the only one that you need this year.  One we release this tip, we are closing this site down and selling it off, we're serious, if you want to buy it, register here.

23 offers with a max of $3,225.00

The opportunity I am about to share with you isn't going to make you rich, but if your considering turning a minimum of $500 into a dividend producing machine with an early stage company that is getting ready to explode, then read on.

Are You Ready? 

Join the Sharks!

Just look at the big sharks swimming in their golden waved oceans and imagine you being the White Shark.

The Context Is All Set.

This year, through the SEC approval and the governmental adoption of Crowd Funding, young and unknown companies have gained access to capital markets.

Now you have the opportunity to invest smart and take on the market as a normal person, with young and fresh expertise and companies available to you before the sharks.

It's no longer about bankers and stock brokers.

It's About You.

Big sharks like Venture capitalist swallowed up Google, Facebook and AirBnB grasped the opportunity when they saw it, stole the opportunity to make the big bucks and left you with overpriced stocks after they sold off.
Stop being a minnow and start being a shark.

I want to introduce you to a company that is small, but getting ready to file for franchising, is going to be huge and make their early investors wild with excitement.

So, today, if you give me 5 min, I will open up your eyes and give you an opportunity to get on the list for a SINGLE opportunity that could change your investment life.

A Peek at the Opportunity

  1. 2 Real Brick & Mortar Stores and a 4,200SF Warehouse
  2. 2 years old
  3. Preparing to Franchise
  4. Finalizing their mobile app for launch on October 1
  5. Pays $0.15 cents dividend for every product sold (products are $10-$22)

Yes, a Startup with Dividends!

From the very beginning they created a dividend structure that automatically deposits $0.15 into a dividend distribution account from EVERY SALE.

Sold 100 items? They deposit $15 directly into the distribution account!

Sold 355 items?  They deposit $53.25 into the distribution account!

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Want some real facts? Check below

A professional retired football player wants to invest $1 Million dollars to open locations.

This means 1 MILLION DOLLARS to open 10 LOCATIONS within the next 2 YEARS has already been set aside.
The owners have it down to a science.  The costs to open a location, plus the franchise fees, plus inventory, plus equipment is under $100,000.

Let's look at some of the famous franchises and count their dollars:

McDonalds goes for $1.2 Million just for the franchise fee, no dollar menu there....

Jimmy Johns scores $400,000 to sell some subs, not even a footlong...

UPS Store works with $350,000, boy their printing money...

Edible Arrangements managed $300,000... boy that's fruity!!!!

However, you don't receive a dividend if you invest in any of these companies and the amount you invest will get you????? 

Don't let be fooled by big names and marketed stories!

This opportunity will show you what really matters.

It's Plain Simple.

What did you wear this morning to work?

Most likely you went for the following:

Let's say that tomorrow is a brighter day and you only dress up with;

Next day is still a work day so you are going to wearing;

And the week goes on and what do think we sell here?

Exactly. A company that sells a necessity for every person and every business no matter the nature, income or social status.

Let's put a price tag on them and check the money!

Elementary, 134 shirts, company nets $1,105.50
Basketball league, 28 shirts, company nets $616.27
Local Business, 15 shirts, company nets $172.80
5K race, 2,134 shirts, company nets $11,244.50
The Giveaways, 500 shirts, small but company nets $3,670

At the end of the day, the shirt company is making real, important and huge money.

The shirt company started with one location. A warehouse followed. The following year, the profits allowed them to open another location. 6 months later, they are opening a third location. 

This is a real example.

The Best News?

Here is where it gets super amazing.  The day you are able to invest and get a stake, you also start getting dividends... . and wait.... You can take the cash or reinvestment it for more ownership.  Every month... Not bi-annually, not annually, not when a board of directors say so, you can do it now, today!

Take a look at this screenshot of the app that is being rolled out...

It's a simple button, get a deposit, or reinvest, but only until they get to $3.5 Million raised.  Then its direct deposit baby!

Mailbox money!

How big is this opportunity?

We have no idea, how huge it is going to be, but they know what they can do with $3.5 Million, let me show you!

1)    How much does each store produce....

  • A stores goal is 3,000 shirts per month
  • 36,000 shirts per year
  • $5,400 in Dividends produced by a single store

2)     How many stores can we build...

  • 1 corporate store costs $75,000
  • 3.5 MM will produce 46 stores

3)    How big is this going to be?

  • 46 stores producing $5,400 in dividends....

  • Total of $248,400 in Annual dividends!

But wait.... didn't you say they are franchising?

Yes, so when they do, what if they landed 20 franchisees over the next 3 years?  That would be like....

$356,400 in Annual dividends!

So as the company grows, dividends grow.

Oh, wait, but isn't that football player opening 10 stores?

So that's actually 76 stores in just 5 years?

$410,400 in Annual Dividends!

You Still Can't Believe It?

Here, check again the facts:

It's a 2 years old company, with 2 retail locations and 1 warehouse. They are raising $3.5 million dollars for 35% of the company. They plan to open 40+ corporate stores. 

Every sold shirt gives $0.15 dividend. They plan to reach 200 stores in 10 years through franchising.
Ground floor.
Brick & Mortar.
Mobile App.
High Technology.

Oh, and by the way, that example above...
2,811 shirts......
$421.65 distributions to the investors...

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